T&K Dairy

Our cows are our livelihood. The better we take care of our cows, the better return we get out of them.

Growing up on his father and grandfather’s dairy farm, T&K Dairy, Will Collier saw an opportunity to carry on the family legacy while making the farm his own. In 2008, Will and his wife, Lauren, purchased the dairy from his father, growing their herd from 60 cows to 3,300, with a mix of Holsteins, Jerseys and crossbreeds, plus a few hundred Angus cows and show pigs too!

For the Colliers, dairy farming and technology go hand in hand. In July 2016, Will and Lauren implemented smart collars for their cows to better manage the herd’s health and productivity. They also became the first dairy in the Southwest to install a robot barn, where the cows are milked with robotic arms. The system is self-paced, and the cows are rewarded with their favorite pellets, which taste just like candy to them.  

As parents of three children, Will and Lauren also believe that adopting sustainable practices is imperative these days. “Each piece of our operation works together,” says Will. “We grow feed for the cows and convert their waste into fertilizer for crops. We use recycled water to flush barns and use that same water to further water and fertilize the fields.” Indeed, it’s farms like T&K Dairy that are creating bright farming futures for generations to come.  

Our land has been in our family for several generations, and we hope to continue that for generations to come.